Spotting a Malicious Email 

Scammers are tricky. If you're like me, you probably get dozens (or more) of emails a day trying to scam you into paying for everything from A FINE FROM THE IRS to AMAZON IS HOLDING A PACKAGE to something as seemingly innocous as a customer satisfaction suvey, as pictured below. This is from my inbox this morning. 

Looking at this headline in my inbox, nothing at first really jumped out at me but I had a slight nagging feeling. I thought, "I haven't shopped at Lowe's in awhile." That prompted me to look a little deeper. Then I realized the subject line is missing an apostrophe in the name of Lowe's. That led me to look at the sender of the email (by hovering over the senders email address). 

You can see there that the domain the email is being sent from is not Lowe's. It's etherealcopse . autos (spaced to prevent accidental clicking). That alone is enough for me to say this IS a scam email. 

This is just one example. Be careful out there. Feel free to email me at [email protected] or call 719-372-5655 if you have any questions!