Coding is a Superpower 

I was recently asked this question by someone. I was at my desk, immersed in the code, and they just could not understand the appeal.

I attempted to explain the reasons below and the question has sat with me for a couple of days, leading to this post.

  1. The ability to code is a superpower. You can literally create something from nothing. (Note: in truth, we stand on the shoulders of giants. E.g., coding a project in Python is not building something from nothing. Many, many people have contributed to building the platform started by Guido van Rossum.)
  2. It is very satisfying to fill a need. I have built several projects that addressed a market specific need. Seeing the solution / project used to meet a need is just…awesome.
  3. The computer does exactly what you ask it to. If the program does not compile or there is an error in execution, 99.9999999% of the time it is a failure on the part of the programmer. It’s a failure of understanding, setup, syntax, execution, etc.

I am sure there are more reasons I will think of but this is my initial answer to the question. If you are interested in learning to code, please schedule an introduction to coding hour with me via the link below! 


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